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How the world changed me

When I started this journey I had no idea where it would lead. It began in the middle of what I thought would be my hardest year of my life. 2020. When the world changed, I changed and for that I am thankful because it led me to the beautiful outdoors. It connected me with strong women who became my Sol Sistaz. 

I found myself in nature most weekends. I was healing from the loss of my Father & Best Friend. Within 3 short weeks of each other, I was left with only memories and pictures. However in the midst of this storm I was growing. I was changing.

This is my story...

This is my story

I've always loved the outdoors. As a young child I got to lived in the Pacific Northwest, at an early age of 3. We spent many weekends walking along the piers and boardwalk of Seattle. At the age of 10, my Father's job took us to Alaska. This is where I would spend almost 28 years of my life. I was always outside during the Summer and Winter months. There was never a dull moment growing up in Alaska. We were a family of four.  My Mother, my little sister who was always at my side and my sweet Father. Oh and of course our beloved yellow Labrador, Bear.

Growing up in the Land of the Midnight Sun and coming home when the sun was still up, was a kids dream! There were plenty of family camping trips. Lots of skate parties on the local lake. My Sister and I explored the outdoors every chance we got! We spent our Summer nights sleeping in the backyard in our 2 man tents that our Mother bought from some garage sale. We learned to fish, pick berries, clam digging, camped, chopped wood, took care of an acre & a half yard; every summer weekend. Yeah, that was a workout! 

My Father taught me to see the whole world in a much wider space. He was an extraordinary man, smart and knew a lot about the outdoors. He understood mother nature, loved with such grace and patience. I had the privilege of working with my Father for 5 1/2 years in my early 20's. I say, that is truly when our relationship flourished as Father & Daughter. We practically had lunch everyday for those 5 years. In those years he was teaching me so much but little did I know it. Those were special times.  

Moving to Arizona almost 15 years ago from Alaska, I was newly separated with two little boys. Trying to fit in and raising our boys was very challenging! However, it made me who I am today and for that I am truly grateful. It wasn't until 2015 I found myself back in nature, although this wasn't routine; it was a start. So fast forward to 2020 again. Like us all, I didn't want to be locked up at home so that brought me back outside. That was giving me peace, happiness and calmness. If you've been out on the trail or water you understand this. 5 months into 2021 I lost my Father. Then 3 weeks later, I lost my Best Friend.  I was devastated but yet had to maintain my strength. I still had a family to care for. As 2021 continued, I rekindled some old friends and built some new ones. These women were becoming my sister's. They became my Sol Sistaz on the trail, water and so much more!!



One day I basically had an epiphany after drinking my morning coffee. I knew I loved with all my heart on the trail. I knew putting my feet in a stream or lake made me feel so alive, so it was obvious why couldn't I make my own apparel for my love; for the outdoors? Why not bring women together and make new bonds, stories come alive?!

​I love with all my heart. Sometimes that gets me in trouble but it has also shaped me. It and all those lessons have come full circle and because of those trials today SOL SISTAZ has become a dream that I am living. I hope you too will come along on this journey. It is very special to me.





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