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This journey

Updated: Jun 6

Here I am on a Sunday morning drinking my ice coffee at our favorite little coffee house. I have been anxiously working over time and my husband has noticed. I've been trying to balance my day job, my family life and then occupying much of my time, kick starting this dream of mine.

This journey hasn't been easy. When I've wanted to cry, I did but also I laughed. I have often been in awe of the small wins along the way. Little surprises. Little prep talks with my husband, sons, friends & Co-workers. All have been extremely supportive! When I second guessed myself, they spoke words or encouragement. They each gave me that extra push.

Seeing is believing and today I stopped to smell the roses (coffee beans) and I'm counting my blessings. On this journey, I've made it a priority to take some time for myself. Other than my family, my inner circle, a trip on the trail for a few hours does this soul wonders. It's a MUST and always calms me!

This photo was taken at a time, I had so many visions but was in the beginning stages of forming Sol Sistaz. I had many crossroads I was still unaware of. Thank goodness, I was clueless. It saved my sanity for sure.

Always at my side is our beautiful companion Marshal. He too helped me heal from the loss of my Father and Best friend. That is another day for me to share. Truly God sent. Truly amazing. Truly this woman's best friend. Thank you for all who believed and supported me on this journey. I love each of you!

May 5, 2024

in Chandler, AZ

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i love your website. it is beautiful and polished. iam very proud of you. your cousin

Replying to

Thank you Debbie! Means a lot coming from you! Miss you and the whole family.

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